Restoration and Conservation

When repairing or restoring listed or historic buildings, one thing is for certain – the right skills, methods and materials must be applied. To do this, first, you need good knowledge of why the stone/brick is decaying or failed and secondly which materials you should use.

Every conservation job is different and unique in their own way, and having a good understanding of the geology of the stone is important. The old traditional methods and the important use of the different types of lime mortar cannot be underestimated, as incorrect mortar and poor workmanship can speed up the deterioration process in historic buildings ten-fold.

Our stonemasons are trained in the conservation and repair of stonemasonry recognised by Historic England, which enables us to match, reuse and source the right materials and gives us confidence in using hot mixed lime mortars. Ensuring that repairs are of the same materials and quality as the day that they were first built, methods that have been used for thousands of years, giving you a building that can breathe and that is true to itself, safeguarding its heritage for future generations to come.

Cleaning of Stonemasonry

We use non-evasive and environmentally friendly cleaning methods so as not to weaken or damage the integrity of the building, using technology like thermotech steam cleaning and specialist poultices to sympathetically restore your building back to its former glory.

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